Abbey Arthur preyed on people’s sympathies with a fake cancer scam and  managed to collect around 10k in donations, using a few different  fundraising sites. On February 2018 Drama Llama was notified anonymously  about Abbey when something seemed fishy about her story. Several people  got involved and discovered that the images that she used as her own  were indeed stolen from Google and a blog that belonged to a woman named  Emily Agnew. Sadly, Emily passed away a few years ago. When confronted,  Abbey continued to lie and even produced a fake letter from a doctor at  a cancer center in Georgia, as well as CT scan images that actually  belonged to an elderly woman in Saudi Arabia. After being confronted  further, Abbey became very angry, insisting that she was telling the  truth. However, she soon blocked people and locked her Twitter account.  Eventually she ended up changing her Twitter handle several times in an  attempt to hide from her accusers. What happened next was unbelievable.  She faked her own death. Abbey began tweeting from her locked account,  claiming that she was her sister, Taylor O’Donnell. Taylor claimed that  she found Abbey dead on the floor of her apartment with an empty Xanax  bottle next to her. Things only got crazier from there. Taylor posted  ANOTHER letter from Abbey’s “doctor” at the cancer center. The “doctor”  said that he wasn’t sure whether Abbey died from complications after  surgery or from an overdose of Xanax. He then stated that he would  contact Abbey’s “sister” Taylor, pending an autopsy report. After Abbey  tweeted several times from her account, claiming to be her sister, she  created an account for Taylor. She even continued to tweet as her sister  after Albany PD went to her apartment to do a well check and it was  confirmed that Abbey was “alive and well.” Taylor went on to warn people  that if Twitter and it’s users continued to spread lies about her  sister, that she would take legal action. After all...it’s the  internet’s fault that her sister Abbey is dead…. Local law enforcement  is aware of this developing situation and an investigation is pending.  Abbey has had charges against her in the past including DUI’s and  computer trespass. She is currently on probation and her probation  officer is being notified. It is our belief that this entire story was  created to pay her legal fees. Hopefully justice will be served, for the  people that donated to her fake cancer scam fundraisers and for Emily  Agnew. 

R.I.P. Emily    

Melinda on shark farmer podcast


#AbbeysCancerScam Part 1

This is the video that exposed to the Internet, the scam of Abbey Arthur faking cancer.


YouTube video by Lindsie Starr regarding #AbbeysCancerScam